Template Construction Company: header images do not adjust to mobile screen

Hello! I can’t seem to find the solution for my problem so I ask for help! On template: ConstructionCompany - Free Construction Management Website Template 2021 - Colorlib the header picture on index page is working well on mobile device - it is responsive and it adjust to the size of screen so the full image is visible on mobile devices. But images on the other sites (project, about etc.) are cropped when showed on mobile and are not visible full, as picture on index page (visible is just the center of the images). How can I make them to be responsive and adjust to screen as the first image? Thank you!

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You can use this css code to fix it:

.slider-height2 {
background-size: cover;

Thank you very much, it worked!

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I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions