Template Purchased

Order #273088
I purchased a template and have not received any instructions for how to download the template.
Please advise.

Good morning

There is no separate files to download, you just purchased a license to remove the footer credit from the theme files, that’s it, files are the same and you can download it from the link you posted here

The download button on the link that I posted goes directly to this page - Licence - Colorlib

There is no option to download the template - which is why I paid for the Single Template license.

Please advise where the template can be downloaded from this page - https://colorlib.com/preview/#consolution


it’s here on this page: Consulotion - Free Consulting Business Website Template 2021 - Colorlib


Did we understand correctly that access to all templates is $ 100 and we can put templates on any number of sites?

Hi There,

Thanks for the follow-up.

That is correct. You will be able to remove the licensing on all templates.

Hope this helps.

access to all templates is $ 100?

hi @mzhilenkova1981 Yes, and you will be able to remove the licensing on all templates.