Testimonial Scrolling Option

Its strange that no one has asked this question before But I need a solution urgently…

My testimonials are not scrolling automatically, I want to make them scroll automatically.


You should be able to achieve this by tweaking the owl.carousel.js in the theme folder > layout > js.

I have tracked your request though, and will definitely consider implementing this.


Can you tell me exact line no. and the code that i need to apply


Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for the developers to clue me in on where the change needs to be done.

Do you still require help with this one?


i would love to know the code for this too.


To enable the autoplay for testimonials owl carousel you need to locate owl-carousel.min.js in layout > js > owl-carousel and search for autoplay:!1 and change to autoplay:1

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This didn’t work for me.

PS I found the fix. Find/Replace all instances of autoplay with autoPlay in the owl-carousel.js
Now I suppose I have to find where to adjust the time limit.


My testimonials are not scrolling and the only CSS sections I am able to see in the editor are:




neither of which have this line of code in them:

owl-carousel.min.js in layout > js > owl-carousel and search for autoplay:!1

Please help.

i’m having exactly the same issue as kate2017 - please help!

Hello. I have the same problem. Is some functional procedure to do automatic scrolling, rotating, changing? Thanks.

You want to edit owl-carousel.js

and :

	Autoplay.Defaults = {

		autoplay: true,

		autoplayTimeout: 5000,

		autoplayHoverPause: true,

		autoplaySpeed: false


Are you saying that the testimonials will scroll automatically if that code is added in the “additional CSS” space?
I added it as you have it here and got errors (so I deleted it).
Please explain — for a 5th grader (which I am not, but I feel like one when I am doing this).
And anyone else that knows what to do or knows that this can’t be done, please pitch in here.
thanks for any help

Sorry I wasn’t more clear. You need to edit the file “owl-carousel.js” (layout > js > owl-carousel folders) directly on your server (download the file with a FTP client, modify it then upload it back again to overwrite the existing one). This is not CSS code but js so adding the bit of code above in the custom CSS section won’t work.
Once you’ve located the bit of code above in your file, edit the values, that’s all.

I would recommend to create a theme child though as if you upgrade your theme later, your modifications could be lost.

Problem is, that in my owl-carousel.js aren´t any values like a autoplay etc. in “Autoplay.Defaults”, because there isn´t any Autoplay.Defaults.

Here is my file, what now? Thanks for help.


I counted about 35 autoplay when i used to search in your file, please check it again