Testimonial section height


I’m back using a colorlib theme for my new site!

Is there some code to help reduce the height of the testimonial section? I’ve tried looking for the answer, but I don’t think that this has been asked yet?

www.micmedia.co.uk - this is my site currently.

Big thanks!


Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
Vic sorry but how you want to reduce it? i can’t see any physical space to reduce in testimonial section, can you give me a screenshot?

Colorlib Support Team

Hey Noda!

Thanks for getting back to me,

If added some screen shots!

I think what’s causing a few space issues, is that some testimonials are bigger than others, so I guess the question is - can I make the testimonial section responsive according to the size of the testimonial,

If not…

Can I add some padding, if so - can you tell me the code as I have no idea when it comes to CSS!

BIG BIG thanks in advance x