Testimonial w/ Jetpack help

Hello! My problem is that my testimonials arent being shown on the front page, they get published to their own blog like page whenever I publish them. Ive tried everything on the documentation video. But maybe Im using the wrong widget in the front page section? When I click on “Add & Edit Testimonials” Nothing happens. HALP! But seriously thank you in advance for your help.

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I’ll be happy to assist you. Can you provide me with the URL to your website so I can have al look to see whats going on.
Also kindly disable any third party plugin you may have installed and verify if you’re still unable to edit.

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The URL is tulsawax.co

it’s letting me now that I’ve disabled Jetpack but what widget should I use to add testimonials?

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I hope you are doing well today.

The widget does not appear in the code. Please go to Appearance > Widgets and ensure the testimonials widget is assigned to a widget area on the Front Page.

Also please activate the Jetpack plugin and you need to enable the testimonials custom post type by activating the Custom Content Types module in your Jetpack settings. Then, go to Settings → Writing in your WordPress Dashboard and check the Testimonials option under “Your Custom Content Types.”

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