Testimonials help

I downloaded Jetpack and successfully added content to the Testimonials section. But I am using this section for bios, rather than testimonials, and really want to remove the quotation marks at the beginning and end of the text. I have adjusted the CSS for the blockquote and more, and just cannot find the source for these marks.

Also, I am using the testimonials text editor, but when I italicize text, the code appears on my site, rather than the actual styling.

Site: http://genipoole.com/wff/

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!


Hello Geni, congratulations for your site and mission.

May I ask you if you update testimonials with the latest Illdy theme version?
I have JetPack too but unable to reach the testimonials editor§!
Note that with the previous version I was able to modify testimonials.

By the way, sorry I do not have an answer to your problem.

BR and thank you for your feedback, José

Hi, José!

Yes, I just built this site on Saturday using the latest downloads and installations for Wordpress, Illdy and Jetpack.

Thank you :slight_smile:


I got it! I am ok now :slight_smile:

I have found how to activate it in settings :slight_smile:

Hello Geni,

Do you still need any help here?

Use this CSS code to remove the default quote marks:

.testimonial-content blockquote q:after, .testimonial-content blockquote q:before{
content: none;

To make the testimonial content using the editor format you need to go to the theme folder illdy > sections > front-page-testimonials.php and delete the esc_html at this line:

<blockquote><q><?php echo esc_html( get_the_content() ); ?></q></blockquote>

This should do the trick.


Thanks so much, you guys! I appreciate it. Very helpful!


Hello :slight_smile:

Please tell me (step by step), where should I paste this code:

“.testimonial-content blockquote q:after, .testimonial-content blockquote q:before{
content: none;

I want to remove quote marks in Illdy theme.

Second question: Is it possible to remove a “triangle” located in the quotes box?

Thank You! :slight_smile: