Testimonials Section and Contact Section Not Showing

In WP I added a box with a code to the front page. I then removed it because I didn’t like it. The box white background didn’t get removed. I reversed all the changesto the initial version before adding the box and then the contact and testimonials sections disappeared.
I appreciate any ideas… thank you!

Hey there

I’m sorry but you need to add theme again, before there is no backup or revision of your previous changes, you need to add them again


Thank you for your reply. First you said “theme” and then “them.” Do you mean to add the theme or add them, as in the sections?
Thank you.


I mean if you deleted, you need to add them again, if you deleted them there is no way to restore it


I deleted the box not the page. When I try to customize the front page and select to show the testimonials or the contact sections, nothing happens.


Ok, that’s different thing :slight_smile:

can you please share your admin details in PM? please send them and I will check it


Hello, I shared the login info via email, maybe it’s in spam?

hi there

Sorry, I have nothing, but I clean up spam almost every day, can you please send them again?

Hi, I emailed you again today


I got it but getting this error: Screenshot by Lightshot i cant login

Hi, I sent you the corrected inoformation

Hi John

Unfortunately, I cant see the option to change the homepage, it even not exist here, seems like a default WordPress was modified? this setting doesn’t exist in Settings > Readgin nor in the customizer, do you know anything about this? is there any chance to reset this installation?


WP said that because it is a commercial theme the developer is responsible for providing support. Please let me know how are you going to address this issue, thank you.

Hi @JohnG

Sorry, but my previous message was not about the theme, your WordPress is greatly altered, default WordPress pages does not exist, that the problem because I can’t reach the customizer pages and this is even happening without the theme

Can you please make a fresh install of WordPress and theme?

I deleted the theme and reinstalled it. I reinstalled WP as well. It does not seem to have helped.

The problem was that the “static page” setting was missing because all the pages were set “private.”
I corrected the issue.

hi @JohnG

So happy to hear you found a root of the problem :slight_smile:


I am back. The resolved issue occurred after deleting a WP block. Now, the white background of the block remains. WP suggests that the theme somehow might be retaining that background. How can I get rid of it?


[quote=“JohnG, post:18, topic:30794”]
Now, the white background of the block remains.
[/quote] where exactly? please provide link and screenshot


yes, here is the screenshot:

the link: johnmgonzalez.com