Text direction in comment area

I am using travelify on my website for Persian which is a right-to-left language. When I have an English comment on y posts I need to change its default rtl direction to ltr. I do this but nothing happens when I update the comment! I also tried it for making the comment text BOLD but it still does not work! I guess some styling code is overriding the style of comments.
Could anybody help please?
You can see the problem in the comment area of this page.
Thanks a lot in advance,

Inside post content you have added <p dir=“ltr”> for each paragraph/sentence that are in English, so content is displayed on from the right directory. You don’t have this kind of code applied for comments and it would be impossible to do so as comments are not written by you but by your visitors.

I am not aware of any solution that could automatically detect language and apply content directions because for WordPress once you switch language it directly modifies all content by not taking if it is RTL or LTR language unless you specific it separately just like you have done with your post content.

Thanks a lot for sparing some time on my message.
Is there any way I can manually and selectively change the direction of such comments?