Text editor adding br tags


When editing my sections, WordPress tends to just add a random amount of <br /> tags everywhere in the text. This happens the most on the Features Section. Making my text appear on different positions.

I’ve made a video of what happens to make clear what goes wrong: - YouTube .

I’ve tried:

  1. Plugins (f.e. Dont Muck My Markup, several WP plugins to avoid this such as wpautop controller and a few more)
  2. Disabling the wpautop function through code in Functions.php
  3. Editing on both the customization side and through the back-end (Widgets)

Is there any way to fix this issue? I know more people have had these problems on WordPress but I can’t for the life of me find a solution and it’s a total pain in the butt.

Thanks in advance!

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May i take a look of the actual website? please provide URL and i will take a look

Good evening,

Unfortunately I can’t give a URL since I’m building my WordPress locally for now.

If I may add another question to this topic:

I’m using the features section and want to use the fa-hands as the icon. This icon is not represented in the dropdown list of options. Is there a way for it to be included in the list? I know when I use the html code in the text editor beneath the feature it works, so I reckon the icon is in the theme somewhere, it’s just not showing as an option in the dropdown list.

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mm, this might be the problem, i want your website to generate custom css to hide extra markups in html text, same for icon i think it must work but since its not working i need to check the output on the frontend,

To be honest, I can’t imagine why building it locally would be the issue. I’ve Googled the issue and I’m by far the only one with this issue.

The icon dropdown list just seems to only show a selection of FontAwesome, I just need to know how I can make it so it shows all the available icons.


Can you try using the classic editor plugin and let us know if the same error occurs?

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Sorry for the late reply as I’ve been at work.

So far, somehow the problem seems to be fixed, I think. It doesn’t add loads of br’s anymore, I’m not sure if it’s because of the plugin or anything else (I wouldn’t know what, though, I’ve tried a bunch). Let’s hope it stays as such.

Now is there any way for the FA dropdown list to include all the available FA icons? I need the fa-hands but it doesnt show in the list for me to choose.

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  1. Can you check your browser? make sure you are not using an extension of the browser, try your problem in chrome incognito mode, i think one of browser extension was adding extra markups in the text
  2. regarding icons, perhaps i can help you but i need to see your website to generate unique CSS code for your

Hi Noda,

As I said before I can’t provide a URL as I’m building my website locally as of now. All I need is for the ‘features’ section to include more icons of the fontawesome. As soon as I know how to do this, my question is answered.

I’ve actually solved it myself with a workaround, you can close this topic, thanks.

Ok, I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions