Text Linking getting corrupted in services section

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I am new to wordpress and I am trying to achieve corresponding services 'Page Open from Services section Icon/Text . However facing challenges as there is no option for icon linking / text linking. If i use custom tag then it is working but in the epsilon editor it is corrupting ( shown in attachment Title of printing services) and spilling out of the text field making it non usable. To change any text we have to delete the service and recreate.

Please tell how can i achieve icon/text linking in services section.

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I noticed in the title that you have “< a href =”, please remove that and replace it with a name.

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Hi Support Team,

Thanks for your reply… however the answer provided will not solve my purpose to link the title to a page.

Therefore I would ask in a different way. As you can see in expertise section(1.png) there is a visual editor for description field in epsilon editor however this kind of visual editor is not showing in services section(1.png) for the description field.

How can I show such editor in services section too . I want to use this editor for linking the text to a page.


hi Bhuender

“How can I show such editor in services section too” - Theme is designed this way and you can’t show it without template customization,

Ok that’s fine .May be I asked something due to lack of my knowledge on code…

Hi Btan

This will require customization of the theme, unfortunately we cant support such requests :