Text on Mobile

Is there a way to make the text more mobile friendly? For example, on the following page, you’ll see it looks off:

Thank you!

Can you please show me where to create a new topic on colorlib support forum. I cannot find where to click to create a topic on forum which is why I’m typing my question under this topic which is similar to the issue I have.

I have a serious issue on my website mobile. The texts on my mobile website are so tiny I can’t read them. I initially thought the issue was from using the Elementor plugin so I filed a case with elementor. An Elementor agent replied and said " it looks like your theme is causing this issue: If you look at the screen recording using this link, Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

You will see where the hardcoded font size that’s coming from the theme is forcing that 12px size. Once it’s disabled, it starts to work correctly. Please, can you help me disable the font 12px so I can have legible fonts on my page. Can you please show me the css code that I can paste on my site that will allow me to change font size on the mobile version of my site.

can you please show me how to arrange my social icon widgets to be placed on the left side of my footer instead of right side on mobile website

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Angelforlife, please open your ticket and i will help you, can’t do this others ticket,
Scroll down here to open a ticket: https://colorlibsupport.com/c/illdy/

Hi please see my first post. I never got any help? To make text mobile-friendly…

Hi Jessie,

Sorry, looks like I lost focus on your message, can you please show me what is wrong with the text? I can’t see any problem with your text on the mobile screens