Text URL colour blue after clicking

Hi all, I have searched and searched and cannot find the right CSS to use.
I have text URL colour set to orange, hover set to a lighter orange. this is working.

However, when clicking on a text URL, if you click, then move the mouse away from the text url, it appears blue until you click on something else, or the next page loads.

Can anyone help with some CSS to stop this as it’s very ugly.

Good morning

Can i see this problem? please provide url of the exact same page and i will check it out

Here are url’s to the page from the screenshot and also another blog page with a few orange text links:

NOTE: these urls are preview mode for the new look colours not yet published to live.

However, this isnt causing the issue as it also happens on the old/current site colours, where Green text links appear blue when clicked.
same pages below with green urls:

i hope that makes sense, appreciate your help :slight_smile:


I stumbled across a:focus and it works!
I had tried a:visited and a:active

body a:focus {
	color: #E88E00

Hope this helps someone else one day :slight_smile:

That’s cool :slight_smile:
thank you for sharing your solution, i will close this case now but let me know if you need anything else in new ticket