text wrap in contact section

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I found a text-wrap in the contact section. It is on all the sites, including the template of Illdy on my pc.
Is there a way to fix this, hopefully in a new update?

I can solve the problem by adjusting my window just a little bit, however, that should not be needed I think. In the attachment, you see what I see.

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I’m unable to replicate this in our test environment or the demo site.
Please send the URL to your website so I can investigate the issue.

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The picture in the attachment is from:

My own testserver is:

I personally think it is in the use of chrome on windows. When I do not zoom in or out, is is wrong (being at default of 100%), at 90% or 110% is is correct. IE works fine, and Chrome on Ipad also. Is it only my computer or do more people encounter this?

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Thanks for replying with that information.

Here’s a screencast for your website and the demo site, as you’ll see there’s no wrap.

In an effort to troubleshoot the issue, try clearing your browser cache, if you’re using any cache plugins or CDN try disabling or clearing these as well.
Ensure you’re browser is up to date, also please tell me the browser you’re using.

Screen Cast:

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Dear Support,

Strange, I used Chrome with incognitomode also, my other PC with chrome works, but this one doesn’t. Might be the computer itself. I don’t think we can improve this, let’s hope I am the only one encountering this problem.


I fixed the issue. The html file still had “break word” in it. By adding the code below in the custom CSS, it can be fixed:

html, body {
    word-wrap: normal;