The illdy theme breaks the anchors on the same page

Hi there,

New bad issue with this theme : now all anchors on a page are broken.
You can see on this page : in the first text block the links to the anchors which are further down on this page do not work (“semaine du 12 janvier” et “semaine du 19 janvier”). If I change the theme to take an up-to-date official one, I cannot find this anchor problem.

Hi there

Actually this is the same problem as here: Services button on homepage anchor broken

Hi there,

Sincerely 7 months after the problem is still not resolved?
If Colorlib no longer wishes to update this theme, it would be good to let us know so that we can make our arrangements.

Hi @rascartapakh

You may get the latest version of the them from our GitHub repo:

Hi there,

Why give me this link when this version absolutely does not solve the problems encountered?
In addition, all personalized content is lost.


My apologies, in this version of the theme many bugs were fixed by the developer,
How did you update the theme?

I updated directly by ftp and then select it.