The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet

i am trying to install the my purchesed theme but there i getting error package could not be installed the theme is missing the style.css

Hi there

Looks like you are installing HTML template into the WordPress themes

Dear Team,

I want to cancel my subscription and want to refund back so please cancel my subscription.

Hi there

You may initiate refund process from your payment system and we will allow it

Dear Team,

I am not getting any option to initiate refund from my end so request you to please initiate my refund from your end.

still not any response from your end this is not a good way of providing services


If you are using Paypal you have to start form Paypel otherwise from your bank account, please check once again there is a option for refund in any payment system

Dear Team,
time going up but still, I not getting a solution I asking again please procced my refund there is no such option to initiate a refund from my end please proceed from your end.

@aigars-silkalns take a look here, please

but the hell going on i am asking my refund

@vajidk Aigars is the person who can issue a refund, sorry for the delay

Dear Team,

time is over now but still i am not getting any response you only tell me one thing you will refund or not

Sorry, it will take some time, please wait patiently, I just sent a message to Aigars,

you joking with me,
now time over I have lost my patient level out,
I am going to do a complaint against colorlib you all are doing fraud with people.

Your website looks great Vajid !