The problem is Back. problem with IOS .... the product page is NOT fixed to the.

Good day you all ?
I had this problem before… the support here gave us some insert … and it fixed the problem. for a while…
like my programmer told me: this will work for a while. he was right! now its not working again… :frowning: . can anyone help us please??
here’s the problem again:
My programmer told me that the problem is with the Tyche.
we had a problem with the drop-down menu(on mobile). the menu was hidden under the photo(on product page ONLY). after my programme “fixed” that problem, we got a new problem. while visiting a product page on an IOS device, the product page is not fixed to a place. that means, if I want to change the product photo, swift your finger to change a photo – the whole page would move to the right. that means, the page is not fixed on mobile. this problem is ONLY on an IOS devices,
about the menu repair:
my programmer told me that the problem was with the: OVERFLOW. it was hidden.
when we remove the fix from the menu – everything worked fine! so that means the menu repair cause this problem :(.
anyone had that problem before?!
anyone knows how to solve this issue?

again, on Android devices everything is fine! the menu is fine, and scrolling is fine!

please help!
my email: [email protected] – feel free to contact if you think you know how to solve it.

hey there

Please always include link and screenshot of the problem

Good day

thanks for your reply.
here’s a link to our site:
you need to open any product page on an IOS, and then you can see the page can move to the right. it is not fixed to a place. any idea how to fix that?

, shahar

hi again…

this is the 2nd time im here because of this issue. i thought it was fixed… but just found out last night that the problem is back :(. too many issues with this theme …
last time, i had a support member answering me. How can i contact the support here?

thanks! :slight_smile:

any idea how to contact the support?