The problem with the menu on mobile

Thank you for the great free template, I have a problem with the setting menu for mobile devices - submenu don`t downhill from there as to menu item “About” - what do I need to do to replicate this menu item.

Thank you

For proper menu setup, please see this documentation.

If you are using Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes it might cause problems with menu, so make sure to configure it properly like we have mentioned in our theme documentation. (See image at the very end of documentation).

Let me know if this helps.
If not, please post your website URL for inspection.

Thanks for your answer, I wrote documentation “menu setup” and I think the setup is correct but menu doesn’t display in proper size on mobile. If you could check my website, I will be very gratefull

You haven’t configured Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin properly. Please see sparkling theme documentation again. Specifically look for screenshot at the very end.

Ok, I set up plugin correct , now everything works great. My mistake , I’m sorry , and thank you very much .