The template "CARRIES" does not work with Explorer 11

Hello, I purchased the CARRIES template and it does not work with Explorer 11 as you can see here:

Any suggestions?


Hello Mark

CAn you tell me more about the problem? how it does not work? what problems do you have?

Nothing shows up with Explorer 11 using that template, have you tried your demo using E11? I would like a refund or another template.

Hey there

Can you show me a screenshot?
You can use same license for the other template as well

If you run the CARRIES demo from your website using Explorer 11 you will see it does not work. Nothing comes up in the browser.

I will try finding another template.


Hello Mark

I think i know what is the problem, please apply this css in the template:

.preeloader {

Or you can remove preloader element from the template