Theme Broken - Stylesheet Missing

Hi -

I was just made aware that my site has been down for two days due to a “broken theme”. Apparently, my stylesheet is missing?

I can’t figure out what’s happened because I have made no recent updates to anything - plugins, etc. Everything was fine with it last week, but now it’s just a white screen.

Is this an issue on your end or mine?

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
Can i see the url of your website? do you see any errors message?

Once the theme is installed and is running on your server everything is on your side because we don’t have anything to affect on the theme, its impossible
Colorlib Support Team

The only way to get it back was to re-upload the theme completely - now I’m seeing a blank homepage that says “This is the “Home Sidebar Section”, add some widgets to it to change it.”

How do I get everything back?

HI there

Sorry, but I don’t know what happened on your website, what i can say for sure is that such things is not happening itself :frowning: there is no option to restore your website from WordPress or from theme or plugin if you don’t have a backup of your website, you can also get in touch with your hosting support, maybe they have backup, because they do this regularly and there is a chance that they can restore it
at this moment what i see is that you have to design your website, from scratch :frowning: