Theme DISAPPEARS on inner pages!

my website: is using the unite theme but for some reason the inner pages:

don’t seem to agree that we are using the unite theme not only does the theme disappear but the navigation turns into a bulleted list and the navigation varies between the two pages which is strange too.

I don’t know what is wrong or what happened. I didn’t notice this when I was building the pages because when logged in the theme & navigation show up properly on those pages.


I see no issues with your website, everything loads perfectly fine to me. This could be some server side problem when packets get lost somewhere or it could be some temporary cache issue. But there are only temporary problems and your website is loading just fine on all browser.

Let me know if these problems come back and I will look into it.

Thank you for the reply.

After seeing how slow my page load time was I was because of admin-ajax.php hanging for a few seconds on every page I was referred to install the plugin WP Fast Cache. Unfortunately that plugin did not play well with your theme after disabling it the problems went away so I have now deleted the plugin all together.

However, I still need something to disable the WP Heartbeat API that is hanging the admin-ajax.php load time and also use Gzip Compression. Do you have any suggestions that would play nice with your theme?

I would recommend server side gzip compression in combination with W3 Total Cache. (Our current setup for this website as well as theme demo)

W3 Total Cache has loads of awesome functions and it plays nicely with Unite theme.