theme doesn't show on net

My site looks fine when I’m in the editor. I log out and go onto the web to view it and the theme is gone. Info is all there though. What is the problem??? Help!!! Please…

Hi @lesliem,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

I visited your site and could see the theme on it as shown in the attached screenshot.

Please advise.

Kind Regards,

Hi Movin,

It keeps doing this. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong, never had this issue til I updated to this theme.

It happens after I make updates to my site.

Here’s what I’m seeing.

sorry try this. I’m not on my reg computer which is a mac lol so a bit lost on how to get hte screen shot to you but trust me my theme keeps disappearing and it’s a real drag. going to upgrade it something else at this point…

ps, it always looks ok inside the editor but when I logout and go to the actual site it’s gone…

Hi @lesliem,

Your site is still loading fine for me but from your shared screenshot, it seems like that the CSS code is not loading on your site due to some unknown reason.

Which browser are you using?

Could you please test it by clearing your browser cache or using different browser or an system?

Please also test it by logging in and logging out from your site.


Hi Movin,

Once again I am having the same problem with this theme. I have emptied the cache on my computer and deleted the browser’s history. As well, it is doing this on other computers with different browsers including Google Chrome so I know for sure it is not my computer’s browser. Is there any way to fix this or tell me how to prevent it? I’m assuming there’s an issue with the coding of this theme.

for reference here’s my site again:

and here’s a screen shot of what I’m seeing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Again it’s working fine for me as shown in the attached screenshot.

It seems you are using W3 Total Cache plugin on your site and this may be causing this issue so try clearing cache from this plugin and temporary disabling it.