Theme header has title set

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The theme header title seems to be set up twice across post pages. Is there a way I can get it removed?
Please see screenshot attached.
Thank you.

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To remove one of the titles, kindly add the following CSS.

article .entry-title{

Hope this helps.

Colorlib Support Team

Thanks for coming back to me so quickly on this. I’m using Elementor to build pages - should I update the CSS from the page itself or can I do it at a site level? Thanks

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Depends on you, if you want to apply it globally use Appearance > customize > additional CSS, otherwise, you can save it in page level

Hey there, I’ve added the the code you provided in the CSS at site level but the title is still showing when I’m viewing my page.I want to get rid of this feature completely and not see it on any of the pages I will build.
Please note, I’m still on draft mode and my site is not live. Thanks

Hey there

Please post a screenshot of the CSS code in your dashboard

Here you go, it’s attached. Thank you.

Good morning

Are you saving it in the draft? please publish your changes and check again

Hi and apologies for the late reply. My page is published and no longer in draft mode. When I preview the page it’s still showing the header with title.

Please ignore me, it’s all working now!

Thank you, I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions