Theme loads fine 1st time, 2nd time crashes

Hi, I absolutely love the theme. It loads fine the first time you visit it. But as soon as I refresh it seems like the CSS totally crashes. What can I do?


I suspect that you are using some caching system that is causing this behaviour.

Can you please disable all the plugins one by one and see if the issue is related to any of them?

Let me know about it.


Deactivated every plugin I have but still the same issue. It is on a multisite btw. It started when either I activated JetPack (deactivated already) or when I was messing with contact details from the customize option…

Ok 1 step further; this issue is only for the Primary site… I made another site the primary one and now the original site does not have this issue anymore… does have the issue though…

No the last comment was a mistake sorry about that

No idea what it was but I just reinstalled the whole bunch. Thanks for your support!

Sorry for the many messages… was trying to close it but… With a brand new fresh install I have it again!

Seems like you got everything working, right?


Naahh unfortunately not… Tried a different theme (also from colorlib since I do wanna go ahead with you premium ones eventually) and that is working. It seems like the Bitnami Wordpress VM or Azure and this specific theme do not like each other… No idea why…


I’m sorry that you found any kind of incompatibilities with the theme!
If you are willing to get back to Illdy just let know about it, I’m sure we can work it out together.

Any additional details about what you believe to be the issue of the malfunction would greatly help us to locate and improve the behavior for future users.


Sure willing to go back, it’s still the nicest looking theme I’ve found around the net :wink: !

So what I know now; Even on a clean install (bitnami wordpress multisite vm on Azure) the site loads fine first time, not so fine the second time…


If you are OK with this, I would need temporary admin dashboard access to have a closer look at what might be causing the CSS broken links after the reload.

I really believe that this is only related to some plugin. Maybe some caching system that after the initial site load cannot serve the CSS files anymore.

Bottoms up, please provide dashboard admin access via a private message, but first disable all of your plugins and give it another shot.

Looking forward to it