Theme only appears properly when logged in as admin

Hello Colorlib,

I’ve been going great guns with your wonderful theme. I was about to go live, but yesterday the images in the parallax sections on the home page only started showing when I log in as admin :frowning:

Any advice would be very much welcome, as we were so close to going live.

Kind regards,

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile: Looks like checking several things in the backend is necessary, please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case. Don’t forget to mark your reply as private! Thanks!
Colorlib Support Team

Hi Noda,

Thank you for your swift reply.

UN - colorlib
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I’ve set the profile to editor for the moment. Do let me know if you need additional access and I will update it.

@jloshea can you upgrade my account so that I can touch theme settings?

@Noda, I’ve just updated your settings :slight_smile:

Hi there

Thank you
Currently you have a 21 active plugin, please deactivate all your third party plugins and check again, let me know results

Good morning Noda,

I deactivated the plugins and the theme worked properly again.

I then activated each plugin 1 by 1. I think the conflict is with the WooCommerce plugin. When I activated that plugin the parallax’s in the home page went blank again.

I’m confused as to why this has happened now.

The most recent change I made was to upgrade and buy the commercial plugin WonderPlugin Carousel. I followed the instructions here How to install and upgrade to the commercial version without losing existing work | WordPress Plugin and since then I’ve been getting this issue.

So I’m really confused that it’s now the WooCommerce plugin conflicting as I haven’t made any changes to it.


I tried deactivating all the plugins and leaving WooCommerce on. It turns out if all the other plugins are off and Woocommerce is on that the theme does work.

So it’s a combination of plugins that’s the issue it seems.

Hi Noda,

So the culprit is the plugin “Enhanced E-commerce for Woocommerce store”. If that is on at the same time as the “Woocommerce” plugin then it blanks out the parallax images on the home page.

I’ve deactivated it temporarily for your purposes, but I do need that plugin on for my Google Analytics tracking.

Hello there,

If the plugin is causing this issue then it is adding new code that is affecting the theme. I will notify our developer of the issue but you can also raise this to our developer using the following link:

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Can you give us steps to re-create the issue? I tried to install the plugin “Enhanced E-commerce for Woocommerce store” and on the latest version of the Shapely theme. I don’t find any issue on the parallax image issue during both logged and logged out state, can you give us screenshots or steps so that we can re-create and fix this if that is really a problem with the theme.

Let us know,


Hi laranz

Thank you for your reply.

I think I managed to solve the issue. I also have Universal Analytics and neglected to tick the “Add Universal Analytics Tracking Code” box in the plugin’s integration section. Once I ticked that box that seemed to solve the issue :slight_smile:

Hi, there
Nice, to hear your problem is fixed:)
Ok, lets close this long case here, you can open new ticket just in case :wink: