Theme reverting back to defaults when not using child theme...

Hi there,

I’m using Dazzling for a personal blog and I’ve made some modifications in the php and css files (both through the WP editor and externally and than overwriting the files via FTP) but a couple of hours back the theme reverts to its defaults settings.

I’ve disabled almost all plugins, double checked everything… but it still happens. I know it’s probably not the theme’s fault, but would be very thankful if anyone could point me some direction to solve it.

The hosting I’m using is hostgator if that helps.


It more sounds like you have just updated your theme and you didn’t have a Child Theme in place. WordPress during the theme update replaces all theme files, so all changes gets lost. If you don’t have a backup yourself for your WordPress installation (files and not database) then there is nothing you can do about it as WordPress itself doesn’t keep any backups.

It is very unlikely that other than theme update something could reverse your changes in theme files back to defaults.

Aigars, thank you for your time. BTW I did not update the theme. Is it an automatic process? Does it happen everyday?

I just choose the theme, make some alterations (mostly css and the hero image “hack” you explained in other thread) and it’s ok now but a couple of hours later it reverts back to green colors, default slider and so on.

Is this the update a feature of the theme? If so, making a child theme will maintain the modifications no matter what?

Thanks once again.

Updates are not automated and can’t be automated because of this exact reason - you will lose all your code modification.

If you lost both file changes and changes that you did in WordPress Customizer and Theme Options then something doesn’t sounds right at all. File changes could be reverted by updating theme but settings can’t be reverted by a simple update as these settings are saved in database.

If you also lost these settings then something more serious is up with your hosting.

Aigars, thanks a lot, I’ve already opened a ticket in hostgator because I thought that something was broken on their side too, never saw it happening. BTW, I’ve done as you said and set up a child theme. I’ll be monitoring it and will post here any news.

Thanks once again.

Update: after setting up the childtheme, nothing reverts back. Thanks.

Great to hear that! :slight_smile: