Theme Suggestion/Advice

I looked through the article on classifieds and found it very helpful. I’m still a little confused on what would be best for me in terms of performance, cost, and feature sets.

The best description of my idea is kind of like a boutique version of craigslist, the streamlines and aggregates used motorcycles for dealerships in Thailand (I’m an expat here).

I would like private individuals to be able to post at some point in the future as well. An eCommerce site doesn’t seem necessary at this point because I am not the point of sale, I make money via advertisements and membership/posting fees. I need customization for requirements of the information, as well as design templates and an easy way to modify the layout of advertisements/posts, and of course have the search results to be limited by price range, odometer reading, year, make, etc. Can you guys recommend a specific wordpress theme, or let me know if woocommerce is necessary for me?

Hi @thunc14,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You can use any of our following themes to achieve this.

You won’t need woocommerce if you are not selling anything.

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