Theme Update Problem - continue reading button is gone

Updated to the latest theme and the “continue reading” button was not showing for some posts. No rhyme or reason. after hours of searching for a bug I finally found that the updated theme 1.6.0 was the culprit!

Just thought I would post for admins and others to see!

There weren’t any changes to “Continue reading” button for this update, so there must be some other reason.

By default this theme doesn’t have a read more button if post is displayed in full. If this is not the case, please post your website URL and I will look into this problem.

I’m sure it’s just a bug. I reverted back to the last version for the time being and this is on my development site. I’m getting ready to convert my live site over. Have you updated your demo to see if you can replicate it? I would be happy to update mine if we can resolve it quickly. I just dont want to switch to the live site until I am certain its fixed. Let me know!

Our demo website is always up to date and usually receives updates few days before they become available for everyone, so all version are properly tested. You can see that read more buttons are in place for posts that are shortened “more tag”:

Hi Aigars. Thanks for the help. I looked at the demo site and it still shows Version: Unite 1.5.9 and not the latest. Are you sure its been updated?

Make sure to purge your browser cache as all content on our blog is cached using Memcached and you might still see cached version. I am sure that blogs runs the latest version of this theme.

Same thing happened to me after the update…Although it could have also possibly been since the Wordpress update…My issue easily resolved by going in to theme options>Main>Display excerpt for each post…