This theme breaks https

I am thinking about using Illdy for a https:// site
This theme serves the Jumbotron photo as an http: GET, making the site display the yellow security warning triangle on the left of the address bar.
If I set the webserver to only accept https requests, the Jumbotron photo is not displayed (it 404’s)
Is this intentional, as it is a free theme?


Hello @kostis,

This seems like quite a strannge issue and I have started an investigation of it.

Is it possible to provide me temporary admin dashboard access via a private message so I can have a closer look and proceed to debug it faster?

Thank you

Strange? I think not, I discovered other free themes do that, too.
In any case your link is
both user name and password are colorlib
It is been served both as http: and https:

Let me know of your findings

Hello @kostis,

You were encountering issues because the WordPress installation was still on http.

I changed this inside Dashboard > Settings > General and everything seems alright now.


Very good, thanks. Would have never figured it out.