Thumbnail in Artikle

Im a german Blogger and i use this Theme.
I need help with the Post image. How can i “delete” the Post image (Thumbnail) in my single article? Is there any code to hide the Thumbnail in the single Article?

the Link to the site:

Hi there,

There is not specific code or option for that - hide featured image on one of your posts but leave featured image shown on other posts.

The workaround we are thinking of is using this CSS:


on that specific posts.

You can add the CSS to the end of the post content in the page editor on the posts edit page.
What you would need to do is switch the editor into text mode and use the HTML styles tag i.e. HTML style tag

So at the end of the content add this:


Hope this helps.

Thx that works fine =)

I will close the topic and mark it as resolved. Feel free to contact us again Thanks!