Thumbnails are flickering when hovering

Hi there!

I have a special one for you:

My thumbnails are flickering, when hovering over them for the first time, after loading the page.
Here you can have a look on it.

I hope you can help me with this.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Dominik,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

I visited your site on Chrome browser and the images are not flickering for me on hovering the mouse on it. On hovering over the images only transparent white color is getting applied on it.

Is it happening for you on specific browser?

Which browser are you using?

Kind Regards,

Hello Movin!

Thank you for your answer, i am using the actual Version of Mozilla Firefox.

Kind Regards,


Hi Dominik,

I could confirm this issue on firefox therefore i have notified it to the theme developer so that it can be fixed.

In the meanwhile you can try fixing this by adding the following CSS code in the Custom CSS option of your theme on the below path.

Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Travelify Other Options

-moz-transition: none;

Best Regards,