Thumbnails, font of widgets

I would like to know how to insert a thumbnail on the left of the popular and categories boxes (as it happens in your other themes on he right bar+How to change the font and make it bold; I’d prefer the font to be more visible.

Is it possible to add widgets and images/menus on the header, at the right of green writing “”?

Is it possible to make the background of the content table light grey, while keeping the boxes white?


  1. It is a custom built Widget just for that theme and can’t be easily ported to Travelify. However, you can use plugin such as this one to replicate its functionality.

  2. If you are good coder then it is possible but there is no option for that.

  3. Which part you are referring to? Make sure if “Wrapper Color” or “Content Background Color” are not the options you were looking for. These options can be found in WordPress dashboard - Appearance - Customize.


In your theme demo
there are thumbnails on theright bar. How did you obtain them?

On the right of the thumbnail there is a link text: how can I make it bold or change the font?

How do I add the green line which separates the different posts?

I tried to add a some facebook plugins showing on the right bar the contacts that liked my page (the square-shaped on showing your likes) None of them worked. You could see the title of the widget and an empty white square. Which facebook plugin works with your theme?


  1. I already answered your question above. Please read it!

  2. Any plugin will work with this theme when used correctly. Even the default Facebook buttons and widgets will works like this or this. You can even add social buttons manually. There are unlimited possibilities, you just have to give it a try and actually test something.