Thumbnails on Recent Posts are Getting Distorted

See the Recent Posts widget in the sidebar here:

This is the “Recent Posts with Thumbnail” plugin.

The thumbnails are distorted because they’re being forced into the wrong aspect ratio. We’re using featured images of 800 x 518, as shown in the demo theme. That’s an aspect ratio of 1.54, so we set the thumbnail size to 116 x 75.

Here’s the settings direct from the widget:

What’s odd is that when I view the source code, it looks like it’s supposed to be displaying at 116 x 75. But it’s clearly not when you’re viewing the page.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Note: this is a Chrome-only issue. Thumbnails are displaying properly in Safari and Firefox.

Any ideas how to fix for Chrome?

Hey there, thank you for the clarification.

However I’m unable to see the issue,

Here’s a screenshot of both chrome and safari side by side.
I’m seeing no visible difference. Have you tried clearing your browser cache as well as ensuring browser is up to date?

Best Regard,