# thumbnails per row in Jigoshop Shop page using Sparkling theme

Hi. I’m using Sparkling for Jigoshop. I have number of thumbnails per row set to 4 in Jigoshop settings, but the product page only shows 3 per row: www.homeandaway.gallery/?product_cat=nat-am-baskets

I used custom CSS code you had posted for someone in January to widen the gallery, so there is plenty of white space in each row, but it didn’t allow a 4th thumbnail to be displayed.

Do you know whether the Sparkling theme is preventing the 4th thumbnail from being added to each row? If so, is there custom CSS or anything else that would fix it?

Thanks very much,


Sparkling theme is not optimized to work with Jigoshop and the only theme that supports it and is fully tested is Dazzling theme that you can see here.

To alling 4 items on the same line you can use this CSS by adding it to Appearance >> Theme Options >> Other >> Custom CSS.

.jigoshop ul.products .product {
	margin-left: calc(12.6% - 78px);
	margin-right: calc(12.6% - 78px);	

Let me know if this helps.

That did the job, Aigars - thanks so much!

I probably should have clarified that I use a child theme of Sparkling sold by Jigoshop, which claims to be "A clean minimal and responsive child theme based on Sparkling is now fully compatible with Jigoshop! "

Perhaps I should be going to them for support, rather than you? I apologize if I have been taking your time when I should have been going to Jigoshop’s forum for support. Let me know if this is what I should be doing.



Sorry about that, I didn’t know that they are selling a Child Theme for sparkling theme.

Still my above give code should work for this theme, so no problem with that.