Tiled gallery settings

Hello, I really need some help about the jetpack tiled gallery. I am preparing a portfolio of my own projects in the tiled layout. But since my images have customized dimensions each time that I reload the page my gallery scales and overrides the images in a different style. I really need the information about the default sizes of the given gallery, and I’d be glad if you provide the code that change the defalut gap between the images.
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You can edit the thumbnail size by going to Appearance > Editor > Theme Functions and change the thumbnail image size there.

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Actually I am using a child theme, and functions.php has only 13 lines. I think I should add some additional data for the gallery part before changing the information, but don’t know what… :confused:

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@vgcgdesign - please try suggested steps :slight_smile: its not about child theme or code change

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@matthewwade - such topics is not allowed :slight_smile:

this case is closed