Title isn't the same place

First of all thank you for a great theme!

My problem is that my titles isn’t the same place. In the category pages it is one place - and on my static pages it is another place.

Here are two links to demonstrate:

http://www.nsdaily.dk/?cat=3 - category
http://www.nsdaily.dk/?page_id=30 - static page

On the category pages the title are outside the box - but on the static pages it is inside.

Can I get the title the same place, on ALL pages? I prefer the title outside - but if it only can be inside, I’m okay with it :slight_smile:

Best regards

It is created on purpose, so users can understand what section they are browsing. Unfortunately, it is not easy to change this behavior either, because there is no block in category page where title could be added inside. There are only separate post blocks but those completely different thing.