Title of incomplete homepage articles

Can you tell me how to display full article titles on the home page of my website?
Because currently, the titles do not display entirely!
Thank you in advance;

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Please try using the following plugin to change the character limit for titles:

Please update me on the results.

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Thank you for your reply,
However, this extension does not work.
Do you have another solution?
Thank you in advance :wink:
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Hello there,

Please delete that plugin.

He next option is to make the change manually. First you need to create and activate a child theme to contain your changes. This plugins allows you to do that :

Then follow the instructions here to edit the title character limit:

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I activated the child theme. and my site does not work anymore, can you help me please ???

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Please ensure you follow the instructions outlined here:

You can view video tutorials here: Child Theme Configurator Tutorial Videos

If you’re still having issues after following this tutorial, let me know.

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