Title Points Color in the Jumbotron Section ... only white?

Hello there,

Two questions:

  1. Just got the update to Illdy 2.0.1 and found out that all of sudden the Title Points Color in the Jumbotron Section can only be white? No matter how I set the color to something else … they stay WHITE.

How come?
Where to go for a workaround and what code to put there?
But … let’s be honest … should be working in the Jumbotron customization settings.

  1. can I or can’t I change the Font of the title in the Jumbotron Section? And if so, where do I do this?

Love to hear back from you guys.


Hi Thiemo,

  1. I tried in my localhost with the latest theme, I am able to change the colors http://ovo.li/gnW9ml can you try again after clearing the cache?
  2. You can try using some Google fonts plugin to change the font of the title.

Let us know,


The color of the Points only correspond to the Title color settings. So when I adjust the title color, the points go with it. I can’t adjust the Title points color independently. So what am I doing wrong? All of sudden I start doubting : need I to type in the ‘points’ between the words myself?.. or what should the content look like?

Yes, I’ve cleared all caches.
Hope someone can help me.



Try this in the Title field, http://ovo.li/muBIrT

Clean<span class="span-dot">.</span>Slick<span class="span-dot">.</span>Pixel Perfect

We removed the dot field and include that within in the title itself in the new version.

Let us know,


Aha, look… that one worked thank you! So one should NOT delete that specific code from the ‘text’ part in the editor. And I did that. As I thought the color adjustment boxes would do the trick. Not entirely true. Perhaps something to ‘simplify’ in a next version? Just a thought.

I even managed to color one word differently from the other words within the same title … cool :wink:

THANKS again.