Titles on Home page not changed to formatting colors

Hi, this is my second post about this, but I’d really like some help please!
On my home page the titles are remaining in the default colors, even though I have updated title, link and hover colors. On the pages, and once you click on the blog post it is showing in my specified color (purple), but on the home page the titles are black with a red hover. This does not match with my website colors. (see attached screen shot of the home page with the top title on hover).

thank you,

Attached is what it looks like when you click through to the blog post and the header has the correct color.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?? I’d really appreciate some help and a response on this. Thanks!

the Sparkling theme is really great, but I have the same problem and would really appreciate if someone can help. The titles are black, what is OK, but with a red hover. I tried all “sparkling options” and changed all default colors but it didn’t help.

How to get rid of red? :slight_smile:



Hi Emily, I have a solution!

I added this code into my Custom CSS in Theme Option (CSS Stylesheet Editor)
I needed orange so I put color: #e07833. You simply can put purple or what ever you like :slight_smile:

/Start Custom Styles to change title hover color/
.entry-title a:hover {
color: #e07833;
/End Custom Styles to change title hover color/


That worked perfect! Thank you so much Laylah!

Hi Laylah,

I hope you are well today and thanks for helping out here in this forum.

Your help here is really appreciated.