Too much vertical padding on a page

Hi there, Noda! Thank you for always helping!

There is too much vertical padding in the picture below on this website. How can I reduce it?

Also, is there any news on when the next update will come out? The spacing and loading (where it shows a whitebar below my clients on the homepage) issue that I reported has not gone away in this thread.

Hey there

Ok, I see it on the screenshot but not on the website, this is what I have: Screenshot by Lightshot
What is your screen resolution?

Sorry, but I don’t have any new regarding the update :slight_smile:

It must be a resolution issue? My resolution is 5120 x 1440, and it is an ultrawide monitor. The template does not display great on it, so I imagine that must be the issue.

Does the background show as purple to you as you shared in the screenshot? It shouldn’t be purple.

Is there any fix, at least, for the original linked post on how the space does not fill below the logos unless you refresh or wait about 5 seconds. It seems that sometimes it does not load the remainder of the background, or it will, but it takes time.

Hey there

Yes, that’s the resolution problem, can you please check it on some smaller screens? :slight_smile:

You can use this code to fix it:

#slider_1001_slide01 {
min-height: 335px !important;

No, its not purple, I marked it just for demonstration of the problem

Noda, you’re awesome. That fixed part 1, and now I’m wondering how I can apply the same fix to the homepage? Because, still the issue with (sometimes when you load), there’s a white bar that appears below the logos as shown here:

Same CSS with the DIV element ID of the testimonials? Can you show me what the code would be? Thanks!


Css selector in this case is:
and if you are wondering about css selector of bellow section is: #shapely_home_testimonial-6


Which selector (testimonial or home_client-9) should I apply it to in order to remedy the problem?
Thanks, Noda!

Hi there

“Which selector (testimonial or home_client-9) should I apply it to in order to remedy the problem?” - #shapely_home_clients-9

And this screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot


That may have fixed it. Thank you!

Nice to hear :slight_smile:

I will mark this case as a resolved