Top menu dropdowns not working on tablets

I’ve seen similar posts to this but can’t find a solution. I am very happy with the Sparkling theme apart from the top menu dropdowns which do not work properly on tablets. I checked the Sparkling demo on an iPad in both Chrome and Safari and it’s just the same there.

Basically there are two issues:

  1. The caret submenu does not dropdown when you tap the nav text, you have to tap the little arrow for it to drop down.
  2. Once down, it doesn’t close if you tap a different arrow, you have to tap the same arrow to close it. So it’s possible to have several dropdowns visible at the same time.

I would like the top menu to work on tablets similar to the way it works on a desktop screen i.e… the dropdowns are activated by tapping the nav text (not the arrow) and tapping any other nav text closes the previously opened dropdown.

Any thoughts please?

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I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Can you provide the URL to your website so we can have a look at the issue?

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I already did, please check your Sparkling demo on an iPad. The top menu doesn’t work correctly.

Sorry to bump but it has been a few days now. Any idea how this can be fixed please?

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The issue has been brought to the attention of the developer.

You can try the following CSS as a solution in the interim.

.navbar-default .navbar-nav li > .caret {
/* Use higher values to increate the caret size */
border-width: 7px;

.navbar-default .navbar-nav li > .caret {
cursor: pointer;

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Obviously that’s just a temporary solution and makes the caret a bit bigger on all devices. Is the developer working on a more permanent, tablet-specific solution?

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The developer would be working on a permanent solution and intends to release it in an update for everyone but usually the solution would have to e tested on other browsers to ensure it works across the board and does not break any existing code or features.

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Jesus, I just spent so long troubleshooting this. First deactivated every plugin, still happening. Disabled child theme and activated sparkling, still happening. Deleted the entire website I was building (after backing everything up), created an entirely new install of WP, installed the sparkling theme etc and was still happening. Deleted all cache etc, JUST IN CASE, still happening.

Glad I’m not the only one with this issue, I do not know what I would do!!! Could have saved a lot of time by coming here to see if the demo was working. This must be a conflict with a new version of WP because I was literally JUST using this a month ago and it was working … and on that website I built it is STILL working… better make sure not to update WP for that client =P

Still pretty concerned though, as I have a deadline coming up. I guess I could always install the older version of WP that this works with =\

Pleaaaaaaaaaase tell me this will be fixed soon! plz plz plz

Use the previous version of this theme temporarily and everything will work!!! Much better than just making the carot larger.

Just checked the WP version of the previous site that was working and it is up to date , same as the install I just did. It looks like it is the new version of this theme , I downloaded the theme from the working site and installed it on the new one and it is working. Until there is an update to this theme you can always use the last version and it will work for you.

Soooooooooo … this is still an issue eh?

I don’t think Colorlib are interested in this issue at all, or if they are they don’t know how to fix it. I for sure don’t.
I have increased the size of the caret (arrow) as suggested but that really isn’t enough to make it user-friendly. There are fundamental problems with the top navigation on tablets. If it worked in the previous version why not in this one?
To reiterate my original post (9th December 2017) …

Basically there are two issues:

  1. The caret submenu does not dropdown when you tap the nav text, you have to tap the little arrow for it to drop down.
  2. Once down, it doesn’t close if you tap a different arrow, you have to tap the same arrow to close it. So it’s possible to have several dropdowns visible at the same time.

Come on Colorlib! I know this is a free theme, and of course we’re all very grateful, but thousands of us have installed this lovely theme because we really like it but as it is currently the main menu is NOT tablet-friendly and web users are complaining.


Were you able to find an older version? I’m attaching a working copy to this message if you or anyone else encountering this issue needs it.

To clarify, this is not a solution I have created, this is simply an older (working) release of the theme.

I REALLY hope they fix this soon, this theme was amazing and my go-to!!! Super excellent theme, when it is working.

Would not let me upload the RAR file so I uploaded to dropbox, here is the link:

Many thanks tehpokernoob,

Winding back to a previous version might solve the menu/tablet problem but presumably at the cost of other worthwhile updates. Do you know what those are? Personally I would rather wait for Colorlib to get their act together and fix the problem. I have downloaded your RAR as a backup and because it might help me work out what went wrong between that version and the latest.

Thanks again.

I think what I uploaded was one of the more recent versions. Besides broken menus I am not really sure what new updates the current theme has hahaha

Hopefully you have created a child theme. If you have then you could rename the folder of your parent theme, upload the theme that I just linked with the same folder name as the previous parent, and see if there is anything that breaks. If nothing breaks, you are good to go until this is fixed. If things break then you can just delete that and rename the other parent back to what it was.

And the last thing I want to do is be critical of the makers of this amazing theme, really i love it so much, but it is funny that their reply in this thread is that they can’t release an update until it has thoroughly been tested on all browsers… when the version they just released, if tested on any browser, would be broken hahaha

Yes I have created a child theme and it has a huge amount of custom css, so rolling back may well create problems with a live and very busy site. First though, I’m going to try to compare your older version with the latest using WinMerge ( to see where the differences are.

I’m only critical of the maker’s lack of support with this specific issue, 6 weeks with no solution is not good. The theme is great and their usual support is exemplary.

Good call! And ya I was definitely expecting something by now!!!

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Sorry about this issue guys, this problem is already reported, you can check it here in our system:

we have to wait when developer fix this problem, unfortunately, i cant provide any ETA
I can understand your frustration on this issue, sorry :frowning: