Top menu issues and repeated postings

Hi guys,

I have spent all Sunday transfering my web page to Illdy. Why? because I love the design!.

I am almost done but I have spent the last hours now trying to solve two problems. So far, no luck. Hopefully, someone knows the answer!

1: The top menu. On the Illdy demo page, when you press ‘portfolio’, you smoothly ‘float’ down to the portfolio section. Whereas on, when you press ‘prosjekter’, you are directed to another page. How do I change it to ‘float’ down to the ‘prosjekter’ section instead?

(The same goes with the ‘folk’ menu, btw)

2: As you see when you scroll down on, the ‘folk’ and ‘hvor er vi’ (‘where we are’) section is repeated twice. I have no idea why (the ‘prosjekter’ part isn’t). Does anyone knows how to get rid of the second part?

There are a few other issues as well (like changing some colors) but I’m sure I can figure that on my own (or at this great forum).

And sorry for my broken English.

Thanks a lot!

…so, I managed to fix the second issue (repeated posting of sections on the front page).

The first issue, however, I still haven’t managed to fix - to ‘float’ down to the section, when clicking on the top menu link. When I press ‘prosjekter’ on, I end up on a new page (which also is blank). Does anyone know what box I marked wrongly?

Thanks a lot guys.

Hello @nilspils,

You need to change your page link in Dashboard > Appearances > Menus from the current one to a custom link option where you input this: Spark AS – TV – film – nett

Let me know if you got it working alright.


OMG -YES! Thank you so much. Such an easy solution which saved me for hours and hours of heir pulling.

That’s awesome, I’m happy that you got it sorted!

Best regards


I’d read the answers and I have a problem.

You need to change your page link in Dashboard > Appearances > Menus from the current one to a custom link option where you input this:

If I use #proyects or #services or any other, the page charge again and show the charge bar (view attached image) and the navigation doesn’t go down through the page

Could you help me? Thank you!

Hello @iaparicio,

Please have a closer look at issue #4 from Common issues:

If you cannot get it sorted, please provide me the website link and I’ll send you the exact form of the custom link URL.

Kind regards

Thank’s Ion. All has been resolved and now my menu works fluently.

Kind regards

I have a problem. My site is: and i’m using the illdy theme,i love it but i can’t use the smooth scroll.
I already tried all the plug-ins etc. and watched some youtube videos on how to do it but it doesn’t work.Can you please help me Colorlib?


Hey @kcrngg,
Hope you’re doing well today

Are you trying to use the same smooth scrolling feature discussed on this thread or do you wish to have smooth scrolling right across the board while scrolling at all times on your site?

I look forward to your reply :slight_smile:

Best Regards,