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Hi, having solved the hamburger breakpoint on desktop, which is working beautifully, I now have a problem on the tablet - the screen in both portrait and landscape is more than the 767px, so the top menu items are not clickable. I am using the Responsive menu plug-in that you recommended for the clickable top menu items on desktop, which works very well. Responsive also works very nicely on phones. But I cannot work out how to make the menu work properly on my tablet. Can you help?

The site is here:

all best wishes from London and Paraguay

Hi @elvira,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

It is working fine for me as shown in the attached screenshot.

Could you please share the screenshot of the issue?

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On my tablet - a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7" - the desktop menu shows both in landscape and portrait - the hamburger menu doesn’t kick in at all. So it looks the same as a desktop but the top menu links don’t work - if I touch them they drop down and I can access the sub-menu links, but I cannot then touch the top menu to get back to the top page in that section. Is there anything I can do about this?

Is our demo site menu working fine on your tablet?

Oh dear, no, it isn’t - the top single items work as links, but the drop-down (About) appears very briefly then greys out then disappears completely, leaving me on the ‘About’ page itself. If I slide my finger down onto the drop-down the tablet offers me ‘open in new page’ etc, but I can then (sometimes) get back to the dropdown and touch an option. Within an option, I can touch ‘About’ and it will return me to the About page. My problem is that my own dropdowns are working OK, but I cannot touch the top menu item from one of the dropdown pages and return to the top item page.

It works perfectly on the desktop.

This is very weird reported first time by theme user.

We will troubleshoot it more.

In the meanwhile you can check whether changing browser helps to resolve the issue and does it also happen with default WordPress themes like Twenty Seventeen?

I’ve tried your demo site on my tablet in the native Samsung browser (I had been using Chrome) and it showed the same problem - ie the dropdown greys out and then disappears.

Twenty-Seventeen doesn’t have top links, so I tried my site in Twenty-Twelve and the top links and dropdowns all work as they should. I really like your Sparkling theme, though - is there any way we can get these links to behave?

As said we are troubleshooting the issue.

Have you tried using different browser?

I’ve tried it on the tablet using Chrome and the Samsung Internet browser. Neither your demo site nor my Sparkling-child site work properly on either browser. I could try Firefox as well but will have to download it onto the tablet.

Have downloaded Firefox onto the tablet - same problems:

  • on your demo site: the single links work fine, the dropdown ‘About’ displays the dropdown for a moment then greys out and disappears’
  • on my santamariahotel site, the single links work fine, the dropdown displays and I can touch a submenu link, but if I am on a submenu page, I can’t get back to the top menu item by touching it.

Your demo site in phone view replicates my problems - I touch the hamburger, the menu drops down, I can touch ‘About’ and it works, I can touch anything in the dropdown under ‘About’ and it works. But if I am on, eg ‘Contact Us’ I cannot get back to the ‘About’ page by touching the menu item.

I could confirm the issue.

You can tr resolving this issue by using any of the following plugins to display mobile menu.

I’m already using Responsive-menu (the other one doesn’t work on multilingual sites). I’ll post a query in their forum. Thanks anyway. Please let us know if you solve the problem on your own demo site!

all best from London and Paraguay

Sure we will let you know here.