Touch/swipe support for feature images

Hi, firstly really love your theme and enjoying learning its capabilities. Apologies if these are dumb’ish questions - I’m new to WP and

The theme displays really well on a tablet (many of our visitors use iPads) however, trying to swipe the images doesn’t have the desired effect. Is touch/swipe supported?

I read on another post that there is a way to disable the linking of featured images. How can that be done? Sorry cant’t find the post (from August?).

Thanks again, PJ

Unfortunately, it is not touch/swipe supported. This is very basic slider that I have created for this theme. I have plans to release PRO theme version with swipe/touch support and loads of other features.

You can remove link from featured images by replacing code on header-extensions.php starting from line 342 with this one:

There are only few changes in the entire block of code but it’s easier to replace the entire functions.

Wow. Thanks for the speedy reply. This forum, in only a few days, has been a massive help to me. My guess is that alot of your ‘silent’ users have many of the same questions that are appearing here - and receiving top class replies.

Because of the popularity of the touch devices - even my mother, never touched a keyboard in her life, knows how to swipe - it would be top of my wish-list for new features. Do you have a time-frame for the Pro version?

Congrats and great work, PJ

Hopefully, I will release it before Christmas.

If you have any other requests, please let me know and will try to implement it.

Great, will look out for it.

My wish list would be centred on mobile devices. Mobile (cell phone) optimized templates maybe?

Viewing your site on my smartphone (Android 4…1.1, stock browser and Chrome browser) looks good except the featured text box is not displayed. Not sure if this is a browser issue or Android issue. Maybe someone with an iPhone can take a look and comment.

Maybe consider some more check-box configuration options (this is more for ease of setup/use as). For example, an option to deactivate the linking of featured images. On the forum there are a few others that have been asked for several times that could maybe be turned into check-box config items.

Rgds, PJ

Featured text is hidden on small devices for reason. In most cases it overlaps the rest of the website. Since I haven’t set limit for excerpt/content/post title length you will see featured content overlapping menu and first post.

It can be enabled with small CSS tweak but will cause problems in 4 out of 5 cases when excerpt is used.

However, in the PRO version there will be loads of improvements to slider. You will be able to use it as image slider, content slider and customize loads of other aspects.

Not sure if this is a compromise (trying to imagine if it would work), just show the featured post title.