Translate the blog's tags to portuguese(my language)

Hi, I’m from Brasil and I’m using your template in portuguese but some words like “posted by” or “continue reading” or “leave a comment” are in english and I would to translate to be portuguese that my visitors may understand, is this possible?
Thank you so much and sorry if my english isn’t good I’m learning yet. :slight_smile:

This theme is currently not available in Portuguese but here is a simple tutorial on how to translate this or any other WordPress themes: How to translate a WordPress theme including Shapely & Illdy - Colorlib

Once you are done with translation i would really appreciate if you could send translation to me, so I could distribute it with theme and other could benefit from it as well.

You will also get featured on our contributors page once you translate this theme.

Hello, thank you for the answer, and would certainly send you the template translated well I to finish translating.
Thanks again and good day for you!

That would be awesome! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Aigars, I finished translating the theme, but the “search” continues in English, is possible translate it? If not, that’s OK.

And How I send to you the translation? I don’t see here an attachment field.


Awesome new! Thank you!

You can send translation to support[at] (replace [at] with @) and we can continue discussion from there.

And please write how Search is in Portuguese and I will add it to translation as well. Probably you started translation from earlier version, because I fixed this issue recently. But that’s OK, I will add it to translations files myself. Nothing major.

Thanks again for your contribution! You can also write on email which website/profile you would like to feature on our contributors page.