Translation and Social Icons


Many thanks for your work on Dazzling, I like it a lot! I’ve been working on a child-theme over the last couple of days and ran into two things I was unable to fix so far;

  1. I’ve made a Dutch po/mo transation (and committed the files in Github) but the translation doesn’t translate the word “Search…” inside the deafult WordPress search-widget placeholder.

  2. I’d like to add two services to the Social-icons section which displays in the footer, Github and Slideshare to be precise. Can you tell me what the best approach is?

Once again, thanks a lot!

  1. It was missing from original translation file sorry about that. I have now updated Github version as well as your Dutch translation but you will have to add this missing string in your language. You can also send it to me and I will add it myself.
    If you see some other missing strings, please let me know.

Really appreciate your contribution!

  1. I have already added Github icon to Dazzling Github version. (I did it few seconds ago). Unfortunately, slideshare icon is not on the FontAwesome collection. So there is no easy workaround to add this icons. You can either add it as CSS sprite and then replace some existing icon or just switch to some other font library. It might be tricky

Let me know if this helps.

Cheers, I’ve updated the Dutch translation on Github once more :slight_smile:

I was about to send the guys at FontAwesome a request, but noticed it’s been requested already. In version 4.2 (August 15, just three weeks away) the Slideshare-icon will be available!
Thanks again,

Please push your translation over to main repository as well as you have now updated your forked version. Thank you!

I tend to keep all libraries included in themes up to date, so there won’t be a problem to include Slideshare icon once it becomes available on Font Awesome.

Thank you for your time and effort!

Hi Aigars,


Since version 4.2 the slideshare icon is present in the fontawesome set. Will it be available in the next version of Dazzling (WP 4.0 compatible?)


ps. Of course I’ll update the translation files as soon as there’s a new version, thanks a lot for your hard work!


Thank you for reminding about this one.

I have updated Dazzling theme to Font Awesome 4.2 and added Slideshare icon. All translation files are updated to reflect these changes.

I have already pushed updated version to Github but soon will push it to but it will take some time before it is reviewed and made available for everyone.

I think I just committed an updated set of PO/MO. Still getting used to the way Github works and such though, so please let me know if everything worked out ok.


Thanks again,

Strange, I don’t see any pull request on my repo not your forked version. Try to create another pull request on GitHub - puikinsh/Dazzling: Flat design WordPress WooCommerce theme developed using Bootstrap 3 and FlexSlider or you can attach them as archive files via contact form and I will upload them mysefl.

Hi, I have a similar question, so I am here. Now I’m finishing Russian translation, but localization strings for “item \ items” in the top menu block is missing in .pot file, so they can not be translated. items
I also would like to add a few popular russian social networks, at least (it is available in Font Awesome set), can you wrote a quick tutorial how to do it correctly?
Thank you.

While I could try and explain how it is done it would take forever to write it, so I added icon on dazzling theme by default. Updated translation files to include icon and missing strings for cart icon in menu bar.

This update will be soon available as automated update but if you don’t want to wait a week or so you can download it now from Github: GitHub - puikinsh/Dazzling: Flat design WordPress WooCommerce theme developed using Bootstrap 3 and FlexSlider

Thank you very much, but now, if I want to add icons for LiveJournal and (Popular in Russia but unknown abroad), then someone else will ask to add RenRen (Chinese social network) or something, the list of networks in the settings eventually grow to several dozen. Perhaps it would be better to provide the option to add any custom link and choose (upload) an icon for it? :slight_smile:

BTW, here’s the link to the Russian translation of which I’ve done: Dropbox - - Simplify your life