Translation problem


i use sparkling theme in french.

In the bottom of the page, the are the buttons “older posts” and “newer posts”
how to translate or edit them to show “articles précédents” and “articles suivants” ?

Thank you for your help

Hi there,

We hope you have tried the guide here How to translate a WordPress theme including Shapely & Illdy - Colorlib for translating the theme. It’s part of the documentation on section 10 here Sparkling Theme Documentation - Colorlib

Those bits of text should be translatable and are in the sparkling text domain.
Try that if you have not and let us know how it goes.


Hi barbak112,

Please use this plugin:

Also you can use this plugin to translate other, non translated parts of the theme or other plugin text. For the free version it is limited for 5 entries to translate.

Thank you,

Thak you for sharing the solution, if you want to use the exact same feature for free try this plugin: