Transparent button on homepage

I really like this theme.
I try to do like your theme image : Shapely - One Page WordPress Theme - Colorlib
but I don’t succeed in having a transparent button.
How do you achieve that ?
I tried to custom my buttons in the theme settings, but there is no configuration to put a transparent button background.

Any idea to help me ?

thanks a lot for this great theme :slight_smile:
Have a nice day.

Actually I have my answer, I just realised that you get a transparent button if you create two button on home page.
My question is solved :slight_smile:

That actually give me the occasion to ask another one about transparent things.
Is it possible to make the menu bar a bit transparent on top of the home page, instead of having a super white one ?
And especially, how could I prevent the menu bar to show on top of my page, when I scroll ?

Thanks a lot.