Travelify and bbPress


i have problems using the bbPress forum plugin with the Travelify theme.

  1. Open Forum by Link

If I open the bbPress forum by using the Forum Root Link without creating a page I only see a scrambled post entry but not the normal forum-list, see

  1. Open Forum by Page and shortcode

If i create a new Wordpress page and add the [bbp-forum-index] shortcode in it, I can see and use the Forum-List BUT using the forum search button results in the same messed up post-entry like described in 1)

  1. Sparkling theme and bbPress

Using your Sparkling theme seems to work out of the box. I can open the forum by Link only, I can search for topics, etc.

  • Is Travelify not compatible with the bbPress plugin?
  • Or what can I change to get the bbPress plugin working in the Travelify theme?

Thanks in advance and Kind Regards


Dazzling, Sparkling and Unite themes does support bbPress and Travelify is the only one that doesn’t support it at all.

I have planned to implement bbPress support but it is definitely not my top priority for this theme as I haven’t received many requests for bbPress support.

Sorry about that.

OK Thanks… I already switched to your great Sparkling theme :slight_smile:

Thanks agains and Regards