Travelify - Menu hover colour change not working


This is my first time at creating a web site and I’m having a problem when I mouse over a menu item. The hover colour seems to be active for 3 of the 5 headings I have. The “About Us” and “Contact Us” work the way they should.
However, if I select “About Us” or “Contact Us” then the hover colours for the first 3 menu items are working.

This is the web site -

Any help would be appreciated.


It seems to me like you have 3 times the Home button just with different names.
So when you are at the home site you have pressed all 3 of them.

Go in Wordpress->Dashboard->Design->Menues and change the URL of the 2 Buttons.
Or put some Categories or Sites instead and name it like it was.

Hi @hooiin,

I hope you are well today and thanks for helping out here in this forum.

Your help here is really appreciated.


Thanks Hooiin that fixed it.