Travelify page medium template filter by category

Hi and thanks for your help! I decided to use Travelify theme which have blog template medium!
Now I have a problem.
I’d like to create a page with blog medium template and show only post for one category that I choose.
I know, I could use category page and change category page template to use medium blog template (I saw your older post) but I don’t need this! I need to use a page couse I have to write a message and under message show all post from certain category!
Please help me!


Well, you can’t create regular page content + blog index without modify theme files either. Blog template overwrites regular page and mo matter what you put in that page it will not be visible for your visitors.

You have two options here:

  1. Modify blog template to add call for page template.
  2. Modify archive page by using is_category conditional tag and add your content above some specific category posts. The basic idea would be like this.
if is_category('funny-cat') {
	// do something
} else {
    // do something else

You can read more about WordPress conditional tags on official WordPress documentation.

Thank you for your reply!
Could you explain me how to modify blog template to add call for page template and extract only posts whic have specific category?


hello aigars -
i really like your travelify theme!
i’d like to use it, but i also need some help…
my current theme uses customized page templates that call for page content AND a specific category…
some page templates show page content AND post excerpts…
some page templates show page content AND full post content…
this code placed between calling the loop twice seems to do the trick:

<?php $temp_query = $wp_query; ?>
<?php query_posts(‘category_name=CATEGORY&order=desc’); ?>

i’ve been unable to successfully create a custom page template for these purposes with your theme…
i’ve even browsed the ‘content-extensions.php’ but couldn’t figure out a solution that worked…
i would really appreciate it if you could help by providing a sample page template that accomplishes this…


just following up on this…
any assistance or at least a reply would be appreciated…